Accueil Non classé World Of Warcraft Classic: Maybe You Can’t Go Home Again

World Of Warcraft Classic: Maybe You Can’t Go Home Again


World Of Warcraft Classic: Maybe You Can’t Go Home Again

My brother and I started taking World of Warcraft Classic seriously again two weeks ago. We both played during the mid-2000s Vanilla period—the era Classic attempts to replicate—and jumped into Classic last year, grinding to the mid-20s. Back then, it really seemed like Blizzard’s experiment was going to work.To get more news about wow gold tbc, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Stormwind and Ironforge, the two most important hubs of the Alliance, were vibrant and flush with players looking to group up for excavations of Deadmines, Blackfathom Deeps, and Gnomeregan—the early-game dungeons that give World of Warcraft its lasting color. That was a welcome surprise. Nobody knew for sure what was going to happen during that initial re-origination period—have players simply learned too much and grown too cynical to create the culture that once existed in the Windows XP days? But none of those fears came true. Only a few grognard weirdos hit the level cap at launch. Everyone else seemed pleased to take this game as it came; slowly exploring every corner of Azeroth like the dewy-eyed newbies they once embodied eons ago. It really seemed like it was going to last.

So reader, I regret to inform you that World of Warcraft Classic’s early game is now dead and buried. I’m currently level 29, and my questing hubs—Duskwood, Wetlands, and Hillsbrad Foothills—are essentially deserted, suffocating the group content in those zones.

The other night, I spent hours in Trade Chat desperate to find a party for The Stockade, the quintessential mid-20s Alliance instance. Instead, I found a number of level 60 mages, equipped in gleaming top-tier raiding gear, offering power-leveling runs through the gauntlet for a five gold fee. They will group up with you, smite the many mobs inside the dungeon in an instant using their over-equipped spellbook, and rinse and repeat until the characters in their party sop up enough experience to skip over the hardships that are supposed to define the journey to the endgame.

It was honestly shocking to see how common those game-breaking, ultra-capitalist offers were, and how impossible it was to find anyone else within my level range who wanted to conquer those trials the old-fashioned way. Any chance of progressing through Classic as it was intended has been derailed. For the foreseeable future, levels 1-59 are essentially irrelevant, which isn’t good news for me.

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